• All the Power of Microfiber in a Looped End Mop Design – This microfiber mop is the answer to the traditional cotton string mop. More absorbent than any cotton mop, our tests show that this dries twice as fast!
  • Won’t Get Tangled – The design of our Large Microfiber String Mop ensures even coverage without tangling during use or the laundering process
  • Great for Spills – Highly recommended for cleaning up spills and leaving a dry surface behind it. This makes it a great choice for restaurants, including fast food, grocery or convenience stores or any other application where spills are common
  • Machine Washable! – Save money over traditional cotton mops that wear fast after several launderings. This mop will stand up through hundreds of washings
  • Make Your Life Easier and Order Yours Today! – Our Microfiber products are so efficient and easy to use, you’ll almost feel lazy! You’ll be finished with the job in a fraction of the time!

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Construction: Microfiber Galaxy’s Large Microfiber String Mop combines the unsurpassed absorbency of microfiber with the capacity of a looped end wet mop. In our tests this mop dried the floor nearly twice as fast as cotton mops. It’s made from looped microfiber yarn which is split. The splitting of the microfiber is what gives the mop its absorbency and cleaning power. The mop features a nine inch polyester head band which increases the life of the mop by preventing the yarn from wearing out near the head band. It also has two tail bands which ensures even coverage and also prevents the yarn from tangling during the laundering process. These mops are machine washable but should only be washed with other microfiber products. It’s available in blue and white.
Uses: Our Microfiber String Mop is great for cleaning up spills and leaving the floor dry behind it. This means it’s a great mop for use in fast food restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, kitchens or anywhere else liquid is spilled. It’s also a good mop for applying floor finish.
Method: The Microfiber String Mop is ready to work right out of the box. It requires no break in like cotton mops do. Attach the mop to a handle. For cleaning up spills stat with a dry or well wring out mop and start circling the spill from the outside in. This prevents spreading the spill. Don’t work too fast, you need to give the microfiber a chance to absorb the liquid. For cleaning floors start with a damp mop and move backwards through the space you’re cleaning while working the mop from side to side. Rinse and wring the mop as need.

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